Thursday, July 23, 2015

Daily baskets of light

Several days ago, Maria Fox sent me a cd (in the actual mail!) saying she knew this music wasn't for everyone, but that when she listened, she felt immersed in a basket of light. Which is such a romantic image I of course had to listen right away. It's completely apt, and I'm listening still. I'm listening right now, in fact.

Today, I was on my front porch, looking at my beautiful banana--currently flowering in that alien way they have--and although the world remained bright the sky got dark, fast. In typical Florida fashion, a hard rain burst down. I was standing in the wrong direction to capture it all, but my banana looks beautiful in the black sky light.

This is the kind of weather that ordinarily drives my family to distraction. They get all grumpy and intractable and petulant, because they don't understand what's driving their mood. If I mention that I think it might have something to do with a low pressure front, I'll be pooh poohed silent.

But today, the kids are sweet, if a little melancholy. I'm on my second day of chemo--on a Basket full of Dark day I'll introduce you to my newest friend, the "fannypack"--but at this precise moment I'm feeling pretty good.

And that sky alone was worth getting out of bed for. A basket full of light to start my day.

I'm going to make this a regular feature of my blog. Thanks for your basket of light, Maria. I hope you don't mind if I appropriate it for myself.


  1. This music is beautiful..
    I wish you barrels of light,Tanya.

  2. Tanya, this post has brought me a basket of light today. Thank you! May the baskets be overflowing for you.

  3. When the girls first got together in JADE I gave them a sheet of paper that had my thoughts on the importance of Good vocal harmonies. It referenced this very piece you posted today Spem In Alium It's beautiful thank you! I'd even bet Darwin still has it:)